Le ricchezze naturali e artistiche di Vicenza sono una realtà conosciuta a livello mondiale,e accreditata dall'UNESCO. Si trova alle pendici settentrionali dei monti Berici, ad un'ora di strada al massimo da Venezia, Verona,  spiagge per il relax e montagne equipaggiate all'avanguardia per i più sportivi. Ma non dimentichiamo che è una fra le più antiche e importanti città venete.

Interlingua is a language training organisation which teaches Italian for both professional and every day use. Over  the years Interlingua has a
chieved high recognition and world-wide appreciation. It is also the only school in Vicenza to offer collective Italian classes on a daily basis. However, what makes Interlingua unique is the "individualistic approach". Our Italian language courses are very small: 5-6 people on average, so our teachers and school staff get to know each single student, guaranteeing them the utmost dedication and care. Small classes mean high quality tuition,  more customisation and of course more concentration and more fun! Our Italian courses employ a wide variety of authentic material, so that students are always provided with modern information about Italian culture. The approach to the  language teaching is completely communicative, using modern methods, although grammar is not neglected: it is in fact an important part of the lessons, but each rule is presented in the most natural way, so that students often do not even realise they are learning it. During the lessons the students will be asked to practise through dramatisation, group-work, outdoor group-projects, and other up to date learning instruments. The written practice will be carried out during group-study time (not during the lessons) in order to guarantee the fullest exploitation of the lessons. The four language skills are developed progressively, so our students will improve their speaking, understanding, writing and reading abilities at the same time.



Interlingua Formazione srl  Viale Mazzini, 27 36100 Vicenza.  tel.+39 0444 321601                            P.IVA 03828240246